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2019 KSID Scholarship announcement

December 2, 2018

Pui-Yan Kwok, MD, PhD
President, TSID
Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica

RE:  Scholarship for KSID-JSID-TSID Frontier Symposium during KSID Annual Meeting

Dear Professor Kwok:

I hope this letter finds you and Taiwanese Society for Investigative Dermatology (TSID) well.

This is to inform your society of a new scholarship opportunity for dermatologists under 45 years of age from your country.  Beginning next year, the Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology (KSID) will organize a new session called KSID-JSID-TSID Frontier Symposium during its annual meeting and provide a platform for young dermatologists from KSID, JSID and TSID to present their research.  It will be a 2-hour session with 6 speakers, 2 from each society, and 20 minutes (15 min for talk and 5 min for discussion) will be allotted for each speaker.  It is part of KSID’s ongoing effort to promote scientific advancement and networking amongst the 3 Societies.  Scholarship winners will be selected after a review of applications with abstracts.  To the selected applicants, KSID will provide a cash support of USD 500, free registration, and lodging of up to 3 nights.  The meeting will be conducted in English.

The first meeting to which this scholarship will be applied is KSID’s annual meeting which will be held on March 29 and 30 of next year in Seoul. Application deadline is Dec. 31, 2018.  Qualified applicant should send the following documents to Professor Soyun Cho, Director of International Affairs of KSID, at sycho@snu.ac.kr.

1. Scholarship application form (attached) 
2. Abstract
3. CV

If you have any questions regarding the Scholarship, please contact Professor Soyun Cho at sycho@snu.ac.kr.  We hope that many of your aspiring young dermatologists will apply.  Please don’t hesitate to spread this info to your Society members.  We look forward to hosting your members.  

With best regards,

Seung-Chul Lee, MD, PhD
President, KSID