Taiwanese Society for Investigative Dermatology(TSID)

TSID was founded in 2006 with 100 members initially, followed by a rapid growth in membership over the past 7 years. Currently, TSID has 230 members from different biomedical research institutions in Taiwan and nine of them have been elected as the board of directors by all members for a 3-year term. The advancement of investigative dermatology and cutaneous biology is the primary and core value and mission of TSID.

TSID has been organizing a number of academic activities each year since its establishment. The annual meetings were regularly held in late May or early June during 2006-2013, which were generally half-day events and were usually composed of several invited special lectures given by distinguished researchers from all over the world and also included presentations of research papers. In addition, TSID was also conducting scientific sessions during the annual meetings of Taiwanese Dermatological Association (TDA) held in the third weekend of November; these included sessions for invited special lectures and research paper presentations over the course of 1-2 days. Since 2014, TSID has been holding its annual meetings in November in conjunction with the annual meetings of TDA with the format as described above. Therefore, over the last ten years, since the establishment of the Society, the total duration of the scientific meetings of TSID has been at least 1 ½ days each year. English has been the official language and all submitted research papers must be unpublished work and were blind peer-reviewed by the Committee of the Academic Research Section. All the abstracts were published in the program books in both Chinese and English. We would like to mention, TSID has strong ties and a healthy relationship with TDA, which now has more than 1100 members.

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