Taiwanese Society for Investigative Dermatology(TSID)

Please read the following information carefully:
1. Time and Location Announcement: For information on the times and locations of the oral presentations, please see the detailed agenda on our website: http://www.tsid.org.tw。Location: 3F R303A​, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC).

2. Electronic files for oral presentations: The organizing committee will provide a computer and projector.
The speaker should use a PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) file for oral presentations. We will be using Microsoft Office 2010.
In order to ensure the conference goes smoothly, the conference site will not allow the use of laptops for oral presentations.
Please arrive one hour early to the preview room (3F Room 302E).
Please plan ahead if you need other resources or information. Our staff will assist you during setup.

3. Conference site - The time limits are as follows:
Oral presentations:8 minutes-presentation and 4-minute discussion

We will hold up a sign of "3 minutes left" and "1 minute left" to remind you the persentation time, and will turn on the light when time is running out.
If you continue your presentation, we will turn off the projector after 1 minute. 
Please pay attention to your persentation time.

Oral presentations發表時間詳見大會官網議程。地點:高雄展覽館 三樓303A會議室

大會提供電腦及投影設備,報告者請使用power point (.ppt or .pptx) 檔案 (大會使用Microsoft Office 2010版本)。為使會議順利進行,會議現場不得使用個人電腦!
如欲提前繳交PPT檔,請於12月2日(星期一)前,以E-mail寄至tsid@tsid.org.tw,PPT檔案命名請用報告編號與報告者姓名(例 "O01_王小明")。
※ 若檔案過大, 可將 ppt 檔案壓縮:
壓縮方式如下:打開ppt 檔案後找到任何一張含圖片之投影片,選任一圖片按右鍵→設定圖片格式→壓縮→選文件中所有圖片→ web 畫面→確定。

Oral presentations:8分鐘報告、4分鐘問答